Frost Brown Todd

In September 2011, Frost Brown Todd, a solid fixture in the Cincinnati legal industry, made a major business decision to relocate over 170 legal professionals into 100,000 square feet of the new Great American Tower at Queen City Square.



  • turnkey solution: provide a turnkey solution involving furniture acquisition, project management, and move management
  • community: create a space that reflects the attitude of Frost Brown Todd’s new downtown location
  • company culture: drive cultural change within the business
  • on-time project: deliver a solution that meets Frost Brown Todd’s project criteria


  • accountability: provide an accountable, single point of contact for multiple project activities
  • detailed timeline: develop a project management timeline to track details
  • decommission: support and turnkey the decommissioning of the current space
  • repurpose the old: refurbish existing products that can be reused in the new space


  • functional: researched the configuration of a legal office fitted for Frost Brown Todd’s demanding, fast-paced work setting
  • addressed multiple space needs: provided a variety of open and enclosed spaces
  • purposeful work areas: created appropriate spaces that support the work users flow through during the day
  • flooring: provided commercial flooring


  • on-time installation: Frost Brown Todd was up and running on the next business day after the relocation
  • location utilization: the company takes advantage of positive downtown energy and embraces the culture of this strategic location
  • attract & retain: provides each team member with an appropriate and functional workspace

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