HORAN, a leading employee benefits solutions provider based in Cincinnati with offices across Ohio, partnered with LOTH to revitalize their Cincinnati headquarters. The goal was to merge two offices into one cohesive space that would support collaboration, accommodate future growth, and enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

Key challenges addressed in the project included:

  • Integrating two offices into a single location.
  • Designing for future expansion.
  • Creating collaborative workspaces.
  • Attracting and retaining top talent.
  • Enhancing brand presence.
  • Developing a functional and aesthetically pleasing design.

To kick off the project, LOTH hosted HORAN at their Cincinnati Work Studio, offering a glimpse of potential design solutions. This visit inspired HORAN to redesign their private offices, incorporating height-adjustable ‘working wall’ desks to maximize space efficiency and create additional meeting areas. HORAN also focused on improving the overall office environment to welcome guests and employees, ensuring every workstation and private office featured height-adjustable desks to promote well-being.

The project was completed in phases, as HORAN did not initially occupy the entire space. LOTH’s move-management team, SWS, collaborated closely with HORAN to develop a plan that minimized disruption to employees and maintained workflow continuity.

The resulting headquarters seamlessly integrates HORAN’s strong brand identity through thoughtful architectural details, environmental graphics, and high-quality furnishings. Reflecting HORAN’s commitment to partnerships over transactions, the warm and inviting spaces foster collaboration and innovation. The HORAN Headquarters now serves as a home base for a team dedicated to creating brighter futures and turning dreams into reality.

Project Team

Project Lead
Andrea Berry
Sr. Workplace Consultant
Project Designer
Stephanie Stacy
Sr. Workplace Designer
Project Manager
Sandy Sandlin
Project Manager
Project Coordinator
Carissa Dunn
Workplace Coordinator