The Ohio State University – Foreign Language Center

LOTH creates innovative, active-learning environments.

The focus of the Foreign Language Center at The Ohio State University is to transform the teaching and learning of foreign languages and cultures. Located in Hagerty Hall, the College of  Arts and Sciences was determined to shape a digital, collaborative, student-centered space and partnered with LOTH’s Education Team.
Together, teams from OSU, LOTH and Steelcase created The SPACE: A Digital Collaborative Classroom.


  • BYOD: technology interface maximizing student interaction through the use of available technologies
  • create an environment: collaborative learning between and among language and culture students
  • collaborate: enhance the role of the instructor
  • understand and provide: student-centered spaces for large and small group work
  • support active learning: incorporate user-friendly technology and flexible furniture


  • accommodate: technology is integrated using media:scape – everyone can use it, providing democratic access
  • product mix: mobile, flexible seating and tables for two to six students
  • instructor: mobile lectern and stool for ease of interaction
  • accessible technology: ēno interactive whiteboard controlled by the instructor or the students


  • interaction: layout supports instructors and students
  • mobility: Node chairs provide flexibility and a 360° swivel for open sightlines
  • collaborative space: media:scape allows students direct connection to the large flat-screen located at one end of each pod
  • adapts to learning modes: easily facilitates instruction via movies/video
  • integrated technology: uses technology to enhance collaboration and productivity
  • instructor role: more facilitative and assistive; organizes instruction, maximizing student interaction

OSU Foreign Language Center.pdf