University of Cincinnati College of Engineering & Applied Science

LOTH creates innovative, active-learning environments

A partial renovation at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Engineering & Applied Science resulted in updated engineering labs and a new Alumni Engineering & Applied Sciences Learning Center for undergraduates. UC was impressed by Steelcase’s research and insights and chose LOTH to create a much more engaging environment where people are actively involved in the process of learning.


  • impact: enhance freshman integration into the engineering community on campus
  • understand and accommodate: enhance the way engineering students learn through technology and collaboration
  • product mix: non-traditional classroom styles
  • collaboration: support small-group and hands-on activities
  • overall space: reflect a new direction for delivering the educational experience – different, creative, open, fun


  • multipurpose and divisible spaces: accommodate scheduled class needs associated with laboratories as well as breakout space for student projects
  • collaboration needs: analyze how groups interact
  • zones: provide open and private settings, appropriate spaces that support collaboration and classroom activity


  • product selection: casual, appropriately shaped tables and flexible, mobile seating
  • future-focused: provides a state-of-the-art template for smart, active-learning spaces
  • integrated technology: whiteboards that interact with laptops enhance collaboration and productivity
  • outcome-based design: the center is an attractive, dynamic destination that encourages student use
  • student reaction: students dubbed the casual, collaborative lounge “The Origin” and love the paper tables they can write on

“LOTH did an amazing job. …I was especially appreciative of such a dedicated LOTH team. The job really looks beautiful. I have full confidence that when the vending, multipurpose and experimental classrooms are complete, that LOTH will set them up and check thoroughly.”    Tracy Herzer, IIDA, Associate

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