Ease Logistics


Square Feet


JAN 2020

Ease Logistics is a fast-growing company in Dublin, Ohio that recently moved into their space which was a large scale renovation. Visiting the LOTH Work Studio gave the customer an idea of the aesthetic and application that they chose, with some guidance from our project team.

A Custom Solution

Our designer collaborated directly with Steelcase to develop a one-of-a-kind Bivi and Answer Beam hybrid benching workstation system with height adjustable desks along with a team table at the end of each row to provide an accessible and convenient place for teams to meet, train and collaborate easily. The client took advantage of Bivi’s ability to support a large monitor so they could truly all work off of the same content.

Ease provided their employees with Steelcase Amia Air chairs to support them as the employees spend long hours at their desks and previously had been using task chairs from Amazon that they were replacing every few months.  Each employee now has height-adjustable desks, adjustable monitor arms and desktop convenience power units to make sure they have everything they need right at their desk.  Additionally, they created a mother’s room and several smaller huddle rooms and phone booths to provide their employees with a break from the energy out on the operations floor as there are roughly 30 people out there on the phone at any given time.

Ease as a team, is now more comfortable, more productive and they feel like their space is finally as cool as their culture.  The purchasing team sits out on the operations floor and was worried about placement as they thought it would be too noisy. Instead of giving them an open bench solution, we used Steelcase Answer Panels for the team and they have reported that they are almost too quiet!

We couldn’t be happier with the finished product here at 5725 Avery, and the furniture plays such an enormous role in that.  We really enjoyed working with all of you throughout this process; it was fun and engaging every step of the way.  Looking forward to working together again in the future!
– Justin Young, CFO

Project Team

Project Lead
Kendall Gordon
Workplace Consultant
Project Designers
Ellen Vail
Chelsea Luken
Ease Contact
Justin Young
Chief Financial Officer
Ease Logistics
5725 Avery Rd.
Dublin, OH 43016