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JUN 2020

The LOTH team kicked off this relationship with bringing the client to the Global Distribution Center near their location. This connection point showcased the value of selecting LOTH as a partner, who has a vast line-up of relationships with manufacturer partners both locally and globally.

One of the largest challenges the design team had to overcome with this downsizing project, was matching existing furniture products that the client was planning to keep within the space, while providing a blended solution that gave the space an updated look and feel. Budget is always a concern the team concepts around to ensure the client’s needs are being met with the end result.

LOTH acquired partnership with the team at Liberty Township due to our ability to maintain direction and focus while adhering to the layout adjustments throughout the partnership. Our project team was able to work within the specified budget, utilizing flexible products from Global, HON and other manufacturer partners.

“Projects that blend together old and new products are always challenging, but the team at Liberty was a great partner in collaboration with our design team to deliver a beautiful solution.”

– Karen Singer, Sr. Workplace Consultant

Project Team

Project Lead
Karen Singer
Account Executive
Project Designer
Stephanie Stacy
Interior Designer
Liberty Township Admin Bldg.
5021 Winners Circle Drive
Liberty Township, OH 45011