Imagine it. Create it. Celebrate it! Thank you to the firms who participated in our Steelcase Bassline Table Top competition. The originality behind the custom table tops blew us away! Each team selected the size, shape, and color of their Steelcase Bassline table base and were free to dream up any top design! That’s the beauty of Bassline – that you can create a one-of-a-kind table!

The 2020 LOTH + Steelcase Bassline Competition Winner is M+A Architects! Congratulations!

Table name: Window into Zinzinnati
Team name: Casler Design Group
Inspiration for table: The table design pays homage to the great architectural landmarks of Cincinnati. The design utilizes a reclaimed wood window with vintage glass and sepia prints of Cincinnati’s best architectural monuments of old. The vintage top is paired with the simple, sleek modern Bassline table base – to create the best of both – old and new.

Team Name: Champlin Architecture
Table Inspiration: The shape of the table is inspired by Ohio, the Cincinnati skyline and waterfront along the Ohio River. Our materials were inspired by the trend of exposed wood, in this case we used plywood. The color is incorporated with paint chips which are loosely resembling a mosaic. The spirit of Cincinnati is also seen flying above the buildings.
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Table name: Elevatable
Team name:
Elevar Design Group
Inspiration behind the table: “Elevatable – Elevating design to unify the community” “Elevatable” consists of an accurate 3D topography of the Cincinnati neighborhoods surrounding Elevar Design Group’s Cincinnati headquarters. The LED-lighted rods arrayed throughout the topography show design illuminating and unifying our community. The rods in turn support a raised, moveable platform symbolic of how Elevar strives to elevate the fields of architecture, design, and engineering. The lighted rod at the location in the topography representing Elevar’s office is signified by a blinking pattern that spells out“Elevar” in Morse code. In day-to-day use, the elevated platform will serve as additional usable table surface, and the lights illuminating the rods will be changed in color to represent special events. The Elevatable team would like to thank Global Foam of Dayton, Ohio, for their assistance in 3D fabricating the topography.
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Table name: HIXSON
Team members: Hixson Architecture + Engineering
Inspiration behind the table: Water and Hills of Cincinnati
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Table name: biergarten
Team name: Luminaut
Inspiration behind the table: click here to read more about our inspiration story
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Table name: 14th and Race-line
Team name: M+A Architects
Table inspiration: At M+A, we are passionate about mental health, especially as it relates to the built environments we create. We have conceptualized and progressed the idea of the respite room, which is an enclosed room that promotes rest, relaxation and mindfulness with creative use of materials, lighting and engaging the senses. M+A’s Cincinnati office is located on 14th and Race Street, the corner of Washington Park in OTR. As we are expanding our office into the adjacent space, we are designing a respite room like the one we have implemented in our Columbus headquarters office. The table is meant to pay tribute to our office location next to a park in the middle of the city, similar to the idea of the respite room providing decompression and relief in the middle of a busy office space. We decided that the table legs should be our branded orange color and the top should be a raw plywood to showcase the layers in the wood. We also constructed the table to have a “secret” compartment beneath the engraved lid, which swivels out of the way to reveal a space for respite room items, such as colored pencils and paper, essential oils, and other sensory items that promote wellness and improved mood. The table was made completely in-house, obviously apart from the legs provided by Steelcase!
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Table Name: Cutting Edge
Team Name: MSA Design
Inspiration: West Fourth Street historic district is MSA Design’s Cincinnati home. With new developments underway, this often overlooked area of downtown will build on the rich architectural history and creative potential of current residents and business owners. As MSA Design looks towards the future while acknowledging the beauty of the past, calling our table and team “Cutting Edge” has multiple meanings. It speaks to the position of the historic West Fourth Street in Cincinnati both geographically and economically, our desire to continue to propel our neighborhood forward, and the design and construction of the table.

In working closely with Stanton Millworks to create the table, digital fabrication techniques allowed a series of plywood layers to be cut, which when laminated together appear “sliced” through, revealing the section of this historic Fourth Street. The buildings were laser cut and edged, while CNC routing allowed spaces to be carved away for the magazine slots, coasters, and the building display. This method of design, fabrication and finishing allowed us to celebrate the edges of the material, exposing the many layers which create its beauty. Using a black finish on the Bassline Table Base helps to elevate the design and compliment the raw nature of the table top material.
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Table name: Love your curves
Team name: TDA Architects
Inspiration behind the table: Upcycling
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