Paycor’s new headquarters in Norwood, Ohio is a brilliant example of how LOTH, Inc. can create a workplace that is both flexible and able to meet the expectations of today’s, and tomorrow’s, elite technology talent.

A large HR and payroll business-solutions company, Paycor realized their vision and recently moved to a fresh, inno-vative and trendy new headquarters.

Participating in Paycor’s corporate evolution involved designing open floor plans, workspaces with flexibility, and collaborative areas while taking advantage of the building’s natural light. The freedom to move throughout the building and find a place to sit (or stand) while working was part of the culture shift.

Partnering with LOTH and their manufacturer partner Steelcase ensured Paycor would benefit from the latest in work-place research and product innovation.


  • company culture: enhance established workplace values
  • attract & retain: meet expectations of today’s elite technology talent
  • increase collaborative experience: create spaces for chance interactions
  • brand building: use the space as a brand tool to attract new clients and employees
  • flexible spaces: freedom to work at or away from a desk
  • wellbeing in the workplace: provide adaptable workspaces that support worker health and comfort


  • café-style dining: the first-floor meeting area is also the café, complete with edgy, fun seating where a built-in garage door can be opened in nice weather
  • transition to open environment: a new configuration based on low panels allows communication between teams and gives associates the opportunity to view the outdoors
  • collaboration: space now supports formal and informal interactions and collaboration
  • flexibility: spaces were created ensuring that employees can work anywhere in the building
  • branding: project image of creativity and current technology; support Paycor’s culture, values and vision