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AUG 2017

Plaskolite felt that we did the best job of understanding who they are as a company, and were able to turn that knowledge into the most creative designs for their new space. They ultimately felt that we would be the best partner not only provide them with a great space, but to work with for years to come.

“Plaskolite was moving to a new headquarters for the first time in 30 years. We had little idea about the massive undertaking the move would be. Ben Lupton and Kyla Burns from LOTH made it very easy for us. They came to our existing headquarters at that time, researched the space and developed a plan for our furniture and office needs in our new space.”

Mitch Grindley, President and CEO

Goals and Key Issues

Plaskolite Goals

CEO Office

A Focus on Wellness and Values

In the new design all teams within the company are working in close quarters and share the same café, meeting spaces, lounge spaces, etc. Employees are running into other employees that they may not have seen in their previous space for weeks or months at a time. The cafe was designed for all employees to use to either relax, work, eat, or hold impromptu meetings. There’s now a lot more employee interaction than what they were used to.

Work Spaces

58 Cubicle Workstations
42 Private Offices
Conference Rooms
Ancillary Furniture
Training Room


The building’s new location downtown is amazing, but we really focused on the wellness of the employees by giving them the ability to choose different places to work. Every employee now has direct access to windows, which was a huge difference from their old space. Every employee also received height adjustable desks.

All furnishings for the private offices, conference rooms, and workstations were Steelcase product.

Our biggest challenge was the client not knowing exactly what they needed or wanted out of the new space. They knew that they needed to attract new talent, but they did not want to change who they are as a company to do that. Our design had to stay true to their company’s current family values while at the same time creating a space that a younger generation would feel comfortable working in.

The CEO believes that the new space will not only help attract the best and brightest in their industry, but will actually help the companies revenue stream moving forward.

“Our finished headquarters is spectacular! We couldn’t be prouder! Because of Ben and Kyla’s foresight and dedication, Plaskolite is now set for many years on our furniture and office needs.”

 Mitch Grindley, President and CEO

Plaskolite Storage

We were thrilled to partner with a company that has such high family values and an amazing reputation. They put a lot of trust in us to create a space that would allow them to be a leader in their industry for years to come, and we accomplished that together.


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Project Team

400 W. Nationwide Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43215
LOTH Project Contact
Ben Lupton
LOTH Designer
Kyla Burns
LOTH Project Manager
Jon Worthington
Design Firm + Architect Partner
Design Collective
Hanlin Rainaldi
Branding + Signage