Quantum Health

Quantum Health is a fast-growing, Columbus-based consumer navigation and care-coordination company. When they needed to create flexible spaces in their 22,000 sq ft expansion, they worked with LOTH, conducting internal user exercises and visiting Steelcase headquarters in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In the Discovery Exercise survey, each participant was asked to rank their individual top issues. The Results included:

  1. Build a shared understanding of the organization’s culture, values, and vision
  2. Support the ways people work as individuals and in teams
  3. Enhance the transfer and exchange of knowledge in the workplace

The company’s “Pod” work environment localizes Care Coordinators in client-dedicated groups of 20-25. The Pod model is to enable collaboration, continuous learning, and enhanced customer service, a situation hindered by the current tall panels. Eric Zechman, Vice President, Information Services at Quantum, said part of the goal was to address stress and wellness in the workplace. “We really needed places for people to congregate – to relax, unwind, and have fun.”


  •  unique company culture: preserve and enhance established workplace values
  • attract & retain: workplace must enrich Quantum’s supportive atmosphere
  • privacy: ensure that sensitive calls remain private without using tall panels
  • increase collaborative experience: analyze how Pods interact with other Pods and what constitutes collaboration between Pods
  • brand building: use the space as a brand tool to attract new clients and employees


  • “Discovery Exercise”: a hands-on, collaborative workshop for employees determined key workplace issues
  • cafeteria & lounge space: internal communication and socialization with flexibility and fun
  • transition to open environment: a new configuration based on low panels allows communication between teams and gives associates the opportunity to view the outdoors
  • conversations: low panels provide sound buffering during sensitive calls
  • collaboration: space now supports formal and informal interactions and collaboration, on site not off
  • branding: project image of creativity and current technology; support Quantum’s culture, values and vision
  • height-adjustable worksurfaces: sit-to-stand increases opportunities for physical activity in support of wellbeing goals

Customer Comments:

“It looks fantastic and it’s holding up very well. Everything is very fresh and modern, and people can move the furniture around. The space is always being used.”
– Eric Zechman, Quantum Vice President, Information Services

“The whole space opens people’s eyes to think differently, work differently, and interact differently. The room really speaks to what the company represents.”
– Kate Bertram, LOTH, Inc. Sales Consultant

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