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APR 2016

The 40-year old company knows its value is in its employees and aimed to create a workspace for the future while making it a priority to attract and retain talent.

We worked with a lot of different people over the years and I think that one of the things I like a lot about LOTH is that aspect of willing collaboration with our industry.”

Dave Goth, Architect, Lupton Rausch


1,000 Lineal Feet of Demountable Walls

3 Trailers of demountable walls were delivered + installed in 4 days; cutting traditional construction cost and time in half.


2 Training Rooms + Technology

Partnering with LOTH on technology saved time and cost. LOTH installed 80 power hubs of Steelcase Thread; eliminating over 2,000 feet of cabling.


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12 semi trucks of furniture; installed in 20 days Our SWS team completed move services package Internal project management scope Completed 1 month early + under budget

94 Private Offices / 45 Systems Stations


Floating ceilings and glass walls in private and executive offices allow transparency among employees and promotes collaborative workplace initiative.


Outdoor Cafe + Workspace

Secondary + tertiary work environment options were created to give employees a palette of work location choices.


Open Workstations + Storage Solutions

A crucial solution for storage was needed to reduce piling and regain worksurface area. Additionally, it provided impromptu meeting spaces.

“I would describe our relationship with LOTH to be one of confidence, one of dependability… every single time they’ve delivered and have been incredibly dependable.”

Jason Baker, President, SEA, Ltd.


This multi-million dollar facility boasts 74 private offices, 40 systems stations, 1000 lineal feet of demountable walls, boardrooms, lounge areas and outdoor seating. The 40-year old company knows its value is in its employees and aimed to create a workspace for the future while making it a priority to attract and retain talent. This is one of the most successfully collaborative projects to date between LOTH, the architects, contractors and designers.


The new building is now in a prime, highly visible location to the public and on the inside has increased visibility which encourages collaboration. A client tour path winds throughout the building allowing clients to see the actual work being done within private offices, design rooms, labs, media centers and testing facilities. A crucial need for storage in private offices was needed to reduce the amount of piling and regain valuable worksurface areas. This need was fulfilled by smart workstation design within the private offices and external storage areas behind desk units. Keeping up with the transparency theme, private offices have floating ceilings and glass walls – which was preferred by the employees to enjoy the openness and view of the workplace.

Products + Spaces

1,000 Feet of Demountable Walls

73 Private Offices

3 Executive Offices

2 Lounge Spaces

1 Conference w/ Custom Marble Table

1 Cafe Space

1 Outdoor Seating Area

35 Steelcase Answer Workstations

134 Steelcase Amia Task Chairs

22 Sawyer Wood Side Chairs

128 Steelcase Cobi Chairs

20 Coalesse Outdoor Emu Chairs

25 Allermuir Kojaks Chairs

40 Steelcase Max Stackers

2 Steelcase Leap Chairs

13 Steelcase i2i Chairs

15 Global Citi Square Chairs

21 Steelcase Cobi Stools

42 Allermuir Kojak Stools

26 OLG Modulus Flip Top Tables

11 Steelcase Universal Tables

2 Alight Tables

Misc. Side + Conference Tables

80 Steelcase Thread Power Hubs

Client Testimonials

Jason Baker, SEA Ltd.

Dave Goth, Lupton Rausch Architects

Project Team

Tom Cartwright
Senior Account Consultant
Trevor Cooke
Dir. of Architectural Solutions
Susan Long
(Former) Director of Design
Megan Bales
Interior Designer
SEA, Ltd.
700 Buffalo Pkwy
Columbus, OH 43085
SEA Contact
Jason Baker
Dave Goth, Lupton Rausch
Contractor Partner
Jeff Krebs
Tom Slocum
Daimler Group

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TENFOLD 11/5/16


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