Tony oversees all of LOTH’s business units and is based in the Cincinnati market. He joined LOTH in 2023 as Sr. Advisor and Interim Chief Financial Officer but now serves in the role of Interim President and Chief Financial Officer.

Tony specializes in driving high growth companies and has done so across multiple industries. He has engineered several different types of complex financings to fund that growth.  He has completed 35 M&A transactions, led a highly successful initial public offering, and led three company exits.  Tony has twice been the CFO of companies which won the prestigious ACG Deal Maker of the Year Award for the Cincinnati market.  He is an expert in organizational and process development required to support a rapidly growing enterprise.

Immediately prior to joining LOTH Tony most recently served as President and Chief Financial Officer for Frisch’s Big Boy Restaurants. Prior to that Tony served as a senior executive in several different industries, including Media, Distribution, and multiple categories of Retail. Prior to his corporate and consulting roles Tony began his career at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy from Miami University and is a Certified Public Accountant.

He currently lives in Anderson Township with his wife, Kathy and two dogs – Marina (black lab) and Sandy (origin unknown).  He has two grown children, Ryan and Jennifer.  When not working, Tony spends as much time as possible at Norris Lake, and enjoys watching any show or series related to Yellowstone.

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Favorite LOTH Memory

Favorite LOTH Memory

“I am a huge fan of open communication. My favorite memory at LOTH is of the first Townhall meeting two weeks after I assumed the role of Interim President. I thought that the Leadership Team (which was half physically present in Columbus and half in Cincinnati) did a great job of updating everyone on the business, and I believe that the audiences were visibly engaged in what the leaders had to say..”

Advice For The Next Generation Of Business Leaders

In this “Hybrid” world be present as much as possible. Some of the best opportunities to be mentored by senior leaders and to mentor those who work for you don’t come over Teams or Zoom. They occur in conference rooms before or after meetings; they occur at the water cooler or coffee maker; they occur in the hallway; and they occur when people connect for a few minutes in person over a topic that they wouldn’t schedule a call for.