The water cooler conversation is different from what it used to be, especially with the aftermath of COVID-19, remote, and hybrid work thrown into the mix. Having a work friend has benefits that help improve productivity, workplace satisfaction, and retention. Improving employee relationships is becoming more of a priority for companies, and they are working to figure out the best approach.

To build workplace relationships, companies are looking toward improving their environments. The layout of an office is vital because it could be why someone feels comfortable and relaxed enough to strike up a conversation. The lighting and acoustics can affect how someone feels.

Building rapport with other coworkers can be instrumental in overall work performance and overall work satisfaction. Incorporating different areas where people can engage in conversation allows for the space to create conversations that may not always have to be work-focused. Personalizing desks can help build conversation as someone is walking by. Another great option to build workplace conversation is by personalizing desks. Photos or pictures of family or pets can be a great conversational piece.

When thinking about building better workplace conversations and relationships, it is essential to consider the environment. If a space does not feel inviting or welcoming, the people will not feel that way either.