As a generation that grew up during the takeoff of the digital world, millennials have become tech-savvy over time. They can easily adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape, whether learning a new platform or managing a new phone update. Unsurprisingly, millennials are also changing the workforce and requesting a more digital role outside of the office.

As companies navigate the evolution of the workplace, some have needed help managing hybrid or remote requests. Here are some things that we believe could help bring your millennial employees back to the office:

1. Be Flexible
Many employees are requesting a flexible work environment. While the majority want to choose where they work, the other half wants flexibility in when they work. Being flexible allows for a better work/life balance for your employers.

2. Collaborating & Communication Are Key
Many millennials are willing to have in-office days if it benefits them. One example could be having a team meeting in person to collaborate on a project. If you require your team to come in one day, there should be transparency and communication on why they are being requested to come back in.

3. The 15-minutes office
If you are not familiar, the 15-minute office is a spin on the 15-minute city, which allows for employers to have amenities close to their office space. A dry-cleaner, gym, or grocery store is considered a 15-minute office. These offerings allow employees to easily access things that may typically be difficult to get to during the week.

4. Company amenities
If having your employees in the office is essential, there must be some benefits to get tgetting there. Some ideas include coffee bars, free lunch, fitness areas, and more.

While these options may not be possible for all companies, it is essential to think about what the employee wants to see. If you ask them to commute and add time to their day, there will need to be some added benefits to the request. Even though this will require some added effort, we believe these tips can help provide a positive work environment.