Four key elements are crucial for employees to thrive in: people-first culture, utilizing the office for connection and collaboration, team agreements, and designing with adaptability. Companies should prioritize these elements to continue down the path of success.

People-first culture speaks to the idea that employees should be at the top of the mind when it comes to company decisions. For example, if your staff is struggling with a process that has been implemented, it should be addressed. Instead, tackling the problem head-on and listening to staff members can help build trust and create solutions.

While we have seen significant changes in the workplace, from working in the office to a hybrid or completely remote schedule, it’s crucial to hold value to the office. It may not be necessary for employees to work from the office daily, but when they do come in, creating an environment that fosters connectivity, collaboration, and overall interaction is essential.

The third key element is team agreement. Team agreements are the terms that an entire team can agree upon. For example, the sales team may not need to be in the office as frequently as someone from the engineering team. Therefore, the engineering team has at least 3 days in the office while the sales team works from home most days. Doing this allows teams to come together and figure out a solution that benefits the team as a whole.

Lastly, designing with adaptability is an essential key element to consider. This means working with your team to develop a solution that fits the needs of everyone, not just one person. One example of this may be getting people back in the office. While it isn’t likely they would be eager to come in full time, it may be a better option to offer a compromise, like a minimum of 2-3 days in the office and allowing them to choose the days that work best for them. This method helps employees have more autonomy over their home and work schedule, especially for those who have children. These four elements could create a thriving environment for employees, creating a positive work environment.