Gen z

Redesigning For Gen Z Employees

Generation Z, born between 1997 – 2012, are starting to enter the workforce, and with that, there are some things…

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Are Individual Workplaces The Biggest Perk?

The biggest driver for wanting to work in the office is to collaborate with the team and connect. However, one…

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Human Connection In The Workplace

Human connection is an integral part of life, so there should be an emphasis on creating spaces that foster connection…

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Coworkers having conversation in hall of workplace

Amenities Worth Offering

As we all know, the pandemic significantly changed the landscape of the workplace. Three years post-pandemic and there hasn’t been…

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Climate Quitting & Reducing Carbon Emissions

Climate change is becoming a hot topic within the workplace, and Gen Z and Millennials are putting pressure on their…

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Changing The Landscape For Traditional Work Environments

Recently, there has been a rise in remote work, and with that, companies are challenged to find new ways to…

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Creating Inclusive Work Environments

While one working environment can make a person feel at ease, productive, and comforted, another person could feel distracted and…

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Aug2-The Workplace is Evolving But Where To

The Workplace is Evolving But Where To?

Gone are the days of the traditional work environment as hybrid and remote work continue, but it is starting to…

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7-31–Vacant Buildings But Not For Long

Vacant Buildings But Not For Long

Due to the pandemic and the accessibility to remote work, there has been an influx of vacant office spaces. With…

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7-26–Communty is the New Amenity

Community is the New Amenity

Amenities are not a new offering in the workplace, but the definition holds a different meaning post-pandemic. What was seen…

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