Neurodivergent is a new term that describes someone who has a difference in brain development due to many other factors when compared to others. This is not to be confused with someone with a disability or mental illness. These individuals may require extra accommodation, and workplaces are trying to incorporate those changes.

Companies in general have been thinking of ways to meet the needs of their employees better. Everyone has different things they want from their employers, whether it be a hybrid work environment or more collaboration. When it comes to neurodiversity, some specific changes can help create a more productive environment for them.

Focus and well-being rooms are a great example of accommodations to help someone who is neurodivergent. These types of spaces allow employees to focus on the tasks at hand without the distraction of their surroundings. Noise can also interrupt the focus of someone who is neurodivergent; providing noise-canceling headphones can help remove the distraction. Providing frequent and short breaks, fidget tools, and setting up meetings to help with task milestones is also beneficial. Even something as simple as creating a more lenient dress code could help someone with sensory issues.

There is a spectrum for neurodivergent people, and it is crucial to have options that help create a productive environment for them. Not everyone works and thinks the same way, so why not incorporate all types of backgrounds and accommodations to aid in creating a productive environment?