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NOV 2019

As a tech company, Candid needed a space that attracted top talent in the development arena. However, being a young company with a tight budget but an aggressive growth plan, LOTH creatively blended value driven product lines for a flexible workplace, allowing for choice + control in their working environment.

LOTH acquired partnership with Candid due to our team’s responsiveness and attention to detail. Our design team was able to work within the specified budget, utilizing much of Steelcase’s line in the open work environment while providing a surplus of enclosed and open meeting spaces.

“Great experience and the team was involved very early in the process which helped to make sure we had the right furniture for the right places. We had multiple in person sessions to walk through what experience we wanted in our space for our team. The team loves the furniture and the spaces created are great for collaboration.”

– Devon Hedge, Director of Process Improvement/Operations

LOTH’s SWS team played a critical role in the process – completing the move over the course of the weekend before the client took occupancy of the space. Their scope changed multiple times throughout the course of the engagement. Our ability to be flexible was key with the new build since issues with power placement arose and completion dates were moved back.

Project Team

Project Lead
Julie Voss
Leader, Emerging Workplaces
Project Designer
Callie Puskar
Sr. Workplace Designer
Architect Partner
Mode Architects
Candid Co.
34 S. Third St.
Columbus, OH 43215