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Our approach to space planning begins and ends with collaboration. We work together with partners on your project team to meet you where you are by engineering our systems to fit your needs. Flexible building infrastructure streamlines the process, lowers costs, and creates flexible workplaces ideal for today’s changing landscape. By partnering with LOTH, you have a single-point of contact to manage walls and furniture D&I services causing less site disruption.

Our established resources, network of manufacturing and distribution facilities, and competitive lead times will ensure your return on investment is realized—and that your risk is eliminated. You can trust us to get the job done quickly and accurately.

Services include:

  • Site Planning
  • Design
  • Acoustical Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Space Reconfiguration
  • Installation

Architectural Product Sneak Peek

Modular Walls
Flooring Solutions

“The acoustic pod was born to address two core issues relating to open plan environments: firstly, the need for physical and acoustic privacy, and secondly, the need for internal rooms. We knew that if we were able to redefine what was meant by an internal room, it would be a game changer.”

Orangebox Air3 Design & Engineering Team

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