As we all know, the pandemic significantly changed the landscape of the workplace. Three years post-pandemic and there hasn’t been as big of a rebound back into the office. This has led to companies offering more than necessary amenities that may not be the right fit for their employees. So, how does a company get their employees back to the office? Well, it is most likely not adding a new ping-pong table into the mix.

Instead, companies are offering a diverse landscape for their employers and downsizing to accommodate the people who prefer to work in the office. Some of those offerings include a playground, setting areas, or even dog parks. These types of environments bring people in and keep them engaged.

Resimerical design is another accommodation that helps employees have some of the comforts of home but in a more productive setting. Things like plants, rugs, sofas, and armchairs can be seen in these types of environments.

When thinking about how to bring people back into the office, it’s essential to consider ways companies can simplify their employees’ lives. If the expectation of a company is that employees will have to commute, then their time in the office should be streamlined to provide ease and productivity.