As the workplace has evolved over the last few years, companies continue offering their employees more choices. Choices like working in the office or remote or offering a multitude of different work environments. But is there such a thing as too many choices? Here are some options we believe are the most impactful for your employees and should no longer be considered an amenity, rather a necessity.

1. Individual working spaces – It’s important to collaborate in the workplace, but collaboration isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, employees need a place where they can comfortably work independently. These environments are designed to be distraction-free and quiet for better focus.

2. Creative working environment – Creative spaces are meant for team collaboration and creativity. These spaces allow in-person or virtual employees to come together and work as a team, whether with clients or with other coworkers.

3. Reflecting and Restoration Spaces – These reflect and restore rooms are designed with mental health in mind. The environment is used as a place to go to decompress or destress. This could be somewhere outside and with nature or a space focused solely on resting and even napping!

4. Connect & recharge rooms – While this space may not be ranked high on the list, it is one to consider. These rooms offer a different environment for those who are looking to get away from their desk for a little bit. These could be cafes, gyms, or lounges that can either be used to reconnect with others or just a different working environment.

While choices are necessary in the workplace, it is equally important to provide choices that can add value to the employee and the employer.