As people return to the office and move farther away from remote work, the architecture of the in-office setting is starting to transform. Simultaneously, companies are working on prioritizing mental health, but how do the two correlate? Companies believe that if they can create an environment that not only brings comfort but also cultivates happiness, then that will, in turn, create these positive human connections within the workplace.

Lighting, space, and color can improve your employees’ emotional well-being and many companies are making the changes. One company stepped outside of the traditional work setting and moved to a more modern setting with higher ceilings and lower partitions that encouraged more personal connections.

The days of a stuffy, dim lit cubicle are over, and bright and airy offices are in. Providing brighter and more inviting office spaces creates happier employees. Getting the corner office with ceiling to floor windows used to be seen by employees as something only the C-suite level could obtain. Now, companies strive to create an environment that everyone can enjoy.

Creating positive company culture and bringing collaboration to the workplace is no longer something out of reach. It just takes four components to drastically change the in-office atmosphere: light, color, layout, and space.