It is believed that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to design a chair, and as time has passed, that design has transformed into something completely different. We now have chairs that fit a purpose for all types of things like eating, relaxing, and even working.

The chair design has evolved immensely and even more so the material that is used to create it. Companies are trying to be more intentional about how their designs impact the Earth, and designers feel the pressure of creating more sustainable options. The challenge is that designers are trying to create a balance between sustainability, comfort, and aesthetics.

Companies are using inspiration wherever they can find it, and that’s what happened when building the Karmen chair. What was once an idea inspired by a robot bug, turned into a light-weight, minimalistic, and most important, sustainably built. This design consisted of recycled material and had a very minimal carbon footprint. While designs like the Karmen chair require more of an out-of-the-box approach, designers are challenged to tap into their creativity. Businesses as a whole are trying to be more conscious of their sustainability; with that, they are relying on designers to develop these innovative ideas. It can be expected that designs like this will be sought after even more in the upcoming years.