Creating an office in a more urban setting is typically the norm for many companies. However, some companies have taken to opening their office in a more residential environment, but why? This new strategy is popping up more frequently in the corporate world due to the flexibility it offers for its employees.

Offering a residential office cut some of the commute time that someone would have to endure if they are traveling into the city. While hybrid work is still very prominent, this alternative allows employees to easily travel to and from work without the hassle of a long commute. Another benefit of this option is that it allows employees to use alternative transportation, like biking or walking to work, which is beneficial for the environment.

As residential offices become more popular, their neighborhoods can reap the benefits of more foot traffic. Smaller shops and businesses can see an influx of people throughout the week instead of only on the weekends and help build the community up.

Residential offices offer many benefits, from flexibility, work-life balance, and reduced commute times to benefiting the surrounding communities, sustainability, and supporting a community economy. While this approach is still relatively new, we expect more businesses to rethink their office locations.