The pandemic pushed most people out of the office to work from home. This significant shift in the workforce created a desire for many to continue working from home while companies struggled to make the in-office work model enticing. Prior to the shift, the office was not typically built for the needs of everyone. Instead, many office spaces lacked the privacy that their employees needed to be productive. Because of this, employees preferred their home office, removed from any distractions, and set up to accommodate their working styles.

As companies search for better options that promote productivity and entice employees to come in, one solution that has emerged is privacy wraps. Privacy wraps are an alternative to a traditional desk or cubicle. Instead, these desks offer a cove-like shape that helps individuals feel more cocooned in their space, free of distractions.

Privacy wraps offer more than just a distraction-free space; they also provide acoustic privacy and custom lighting. These furniture styles are more desirable because they offer more comfort and privacy compared to their alternatives.

As we continue to see companies struggle to improve the office environment, it’s important to remember what will be the most beneficial for the employees. Adding additional spaces that are more diverse to accommodate different working styles or completely rethinking the desk or cubicle area is a great place to start.