The aftermath of the pandemic in the workplace created an influx of work from home and hybrid positions. It has been over three years since the beginning of the pandemic and the workforce is starting to head back to the office, leaving remote work behind. But the question is, how do we offer the same or similar flexibility now that companies are back in the office? Biophilic design has been trending more as companies start to look at the bigger picture.

People have gotten used to the idea that they can work from anywhere in the world (or at least within their country) and still sustain a productive workday, but companies want more connectivity and collaboration. Moreover, there are health benefits to having work environments that incorporate the outdoors. These biophilic designs offer an array of habitats suitable for everyone.

This concept has been evaluated with three designs in mind:

  • a “green” area with live plants and shade.
  • a “passive” space that allowed for openings to the outdoors.
  • a “conditioned” space that provided a cooler setting.

The design resulted in not only a lower carbon footprint, but also created environments for all types of working styles and thus happier employees.