Amenities are not a new offering in the workplace, but the definition holds a different meaning post-pandemic. What was seen as an amenity, like a ping-pong table or a specialty coffee, is no longer something to be excited about. Now, employees are looking for things that hold more weight.

Employees are seeking a more personalized approach in the workplace. Things like accessibility, location, and onsite showering facilities. The idea is that there are all types of people in the office, whether that be someone new to the workforce looking to connect or someone who is managing being an employee and a parent. Providing amenities that help with both situations is necessary for a positive work experience.

Community is also a key factor for employees. Being close in proximity to restaurants, childcare, or cafes is a great alternative to housing all amenities inside an organization. Not only is it less costly for companies, but it also looks towards the community they are in for these offerings creating a more symbiotic relationship.