Designing Third Places

There has been a recent emergence in third places (social spaces that are not home but not work) within the…

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Privacy Desks Improve Employee Productivity

The pandemic pushed most people out of the office to work from home. This significant shift in the workforce created…

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Improving the Workplace Through Workplace Pilots

If you are unfamiliar with workplace pilots, you are not the only one. This new idea is a way to…

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Social-NOV 6th

Navigating The New Norm: Hybrid Work

Unsurprisingly, many companies are still struggling to find the balance between in-office and hybrid work models. But, one of the…

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Libraries: More Than Just Books

Libraries have been an enormous resource for many communities for decades that goes far beyond a place to read books.…

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Are Individual Workplaces The Biggest Perk?

The biggest driver for wanting to work in the office is to collaborate with the team and connect. However, one…

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Human Connection In The Workplace

Human connection is an integral part of life, so there should be an emphasis on creating spaces that foster connection…

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Rethinking Healthcare Spaces

Healthcare spaces are often overlooked when it comes to interior design, but it could be one of the most important…

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The Power Of Choice

The Power Of Choice

As the workplace has evolved over the last few years, companies continue offering their employees more choices. Choices like working…

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Aerial view of Cincinnati Ohio

From Sports Stadiums To Sustainable Environments

Live sports have significantly changed over the last few years and post-pandemic. Coupled with the change in technology and ability…

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