The average social application size has increased slightly from 2021 to 2024. In 2024, the average size was 140sqft. Education and Technical/Professional services show an increasing trend and are above the average at 150sqft. The difference in average square footage is notable when privacy is present. The difference has been consistent across years. Social applications with privacy are twice as likely to have power than those without privacy. Other products that are more frequent in apps with privacy include Umami, Thread and alight. Apps without privacy are more likely to feature Montara650, Jenny and Bob Seating/Tables.

As noted in previous reports, the Finance & Insurance sector was an early mover on design trends during the covid and post covid era. The Finance sector’s interest in social apps with privacy peaked in 2022 and appears to have backed off. Conversely, the Manufacturing industry showed a notable spike in activity in 2023. The Education sector shows continuing, albeit slowing, growth in demand for social applications with privacy elements. This interest is consistent across all regional markets. The Americas North region is showing the greatest demand for social app privacy, followed by the East Region. Interestingly, the West region shows little appetite for privacy in social applications. At the product line level there is little difference in the top 3 lines for each privacy type and region.

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