The workplace has evolved drastically post-pandemic, and designers and employers alike are trying to navigate the new office setting. With hybrid and remote work continuing to be incorporated, employers need help to figure out a solution for their in-office employees. As companies work to implement new strategies for their in-office employees, they are asking themselves questions like, are we offering the right kinds of spaces? Are we taking advantage of the space we have, or do we have too much empty space? Asking these types of questions helps you figure out what areas need work.

For some, working at a desk works better for productivity, while others require more of a collaborative setting. Some companies are designing their offices to incorporate both. By providing these two different approaches, businesses can create a more flexible environment for their staff and cater more to their needs.

Businesses are creating prototypes for their employees to test out in the office. By doing so, they can test different options, see what works best for their employees, and visualize different options. Although significant changes are happening in the office, the goal is to prioritize the well-being of employees and offer a more flexible solution. It can be tricky, but we can expect a positive outcome for everyone.