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Getting Employees Eager For The Office

As many employees started working from home instead of the office, the need for connection grew, but it required more…

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Privacy Desks Improve Employee Productivity

The pandemic pushed most people out of the office to work from home. This significant shift in the workforce created…

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Improving the Workplace Through Workplace Pilots

If you are unfamiliar with workplace pilots, you are not the only one. This new idea is a way to…

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Rethinking The Home Office Design

People are working from home more now than ever before, and with that, light has been shed on the importance…

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Unproductivity, The New Era of Work

Some might think productivity is the biggest goal for organizations regarding their employees, but a trend for unproductivity has recently…

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Inclusivity and Beyond Within The Workplace

Inclusivity within the workplace has become a higher priority for organizations, now more than ever. But what does that mean…

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Aug 21st

Hybrid Work & Changing Office Settings

The workplace has evolved drastically post-pandemic, and designers and employers alike are trying to navigate the new office setting. With…

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7-17–Gen Z, Changing the Workforce

Gen Z, Changing the Workforce

It may surprise some, but Gen Z works in the office more than any other generation. Soon, the workforce will…

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7-10–The Many Environments of Office Spaces

The Many Environments of Office Spaces

Over the last few years, there has been a drastic increase in the flexibility companies are willing to have for…

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7-12–Post-Pandemic Leads to Impactful Designs

Post-Pandemic Leads to Impactful Designs

The pandemic forced companies to make their offices remote, and the workplace shifted drastically. As we’ve seen, people’s preferences on…

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