The cafeteria was once a place where only food was consumed and has now transformed entirely into a place of socialization, collaboration, and overall connection, at least for some companies. To create a more functional space, designers are developing ways to utilize the areas as almost a getaway from the office. The goal is to draw employees together and create a dynamic environment.

Cafeterias within the workplace were originally designed to allow employees to take their lunches in the office and reduce their travel time. However, the original design wasn’t meant for much more than just eating and leaving; designers are changing that concept. Instead, they are creating resimercial designs encompassing residential and commercial ideas.

Designing the cafeteria around Resimercial Design provides a more inviting setting to introduce conversation and comfort. We have seen companies move back from remote work to a hybrid model, and with that, employers are seeking a more comforting setting similar to what they had at home. These environments are not only more functional but also inviting.

Creating these types of spaces, whether in a cafeteria or in other parts of a company, provides an overall positive work culture. These spaces are more welcoming for employees to engage in conversation or collaboration but in a more organic nature. We can expect to see more design trends like this in the workplace.