The topic of climate change has been around for a while, but as of late, companies have been focusing their design efforts on producing lower emissions. In fact, we can expect to see more companies incorporating this idea as government regulations become more prominent.

When thinking of how to decrease emissions, it’s essential to understand them. There are two sources of CO2 emissions: operational and embodied. Operational is related to electricity usage and air conditioning, while incorporated is the energy used for transportation and assembly of products.

Companies looking to reduce their emissions should aim to minimize renovations. Since renovations can take extended periods to complete, the number of emissions can be excessive. Another way to reduce this is by using neutral colors and evergreen textures. By incorporating these two design ideas, the likeliness it will go out of style is small. Bringing outdoors elements through plants and trees can be an excellent way to style a timeless space and keep emissions low.

CO2 emissions were at an all-time high last year, and with increasingly hotter summers, there needs to be a resolution. By making efforts towards reducing emissions, we can slowly restore and hopefully revitalize the environment. We can expect an uptick of sustainable design options and see companies working towards these efforts.