It may come as a surprise for some, but Gen Z (individuals ages 18-24) is enthusiastic to be back in the office. With enthusiasm comes expectations from their workplace to provide amenities like social interaction and an emphasis on mental and physical health. While older generations hold higher value to a remote or hybrid schedule, Gen Z spends on average, 3.35 days in the office.

The amenities seen as the most valuable for Gen Z are on-site gyms, wellness centers, cafes, and spas. These types of amenities directly support wellness and health. If employers are expected to commute to and from work, these amenities ensure that employees can prioritize their health on-site.

This new trend of Gen Z employers seeking more office time could also transform the workplace into more than just a workplace. While these “wellness” places within the office focus on health, they also offer a place for socialization that would typically only be held at a desk or conference room.

As we see the trend of companies requiring their employees to work in the office again, we can anticipate employees will also be changing their expectations. There are several amenities that can be implemented for employees, and wellness and health should be at the forefront.