Commuting is oftentimes seen as an inconvenience but there are some surprising benefits to commuting that some may not know about. Many companies have moved to a remote or hybrid work model, which has eliminated a decent amount of commuting for their employees. Still, they may be missing out on some great benefits. Time in the car before work can help people mentally prepare for their day. It’s a moment for them to wake up and start thinking about how to plan the day without having to dive into work first thing after getting out of bed.

On the flip side, commuting from work to home allows for reflection of what was accomplished. For those who have kids, this is an opportune time to decompress from work before jumping into parenthood. Others can benefit from exercising or going to the gym between their commutes.

Surprisingly, commuting has shown to create a healthy divide between work and life. The time spent commuting allows for a separation between the two, offering more free time between roles, also known as liminal space. Commuting should not just be put on the employer, though, companies should also work to improve the office environment if they are requiring their employees to work from the office each day.

It’s important for offices to not only be collaborative but also have a diverse range of working spaces that meet their employers’ needs. If employers curate the perfect office environment, their employers will be eager to work in the office.