In an open plan office, the presence of private areas is crucial for maintaining productivity and well-being among employees. These designated spaces offer individuals a retreat from the constant buzz of collaborative environments, allowing them to focus deeply on tasks that require concentration or confidentiality. Whether it’s for sensitive discussions, personal phone calls, or simply quiet reflection, these private zones provide a sense of security and control over one’s workspace. By integrating private areas into an open plan layout, employers can support both the collaborative spirit of the office and the individual needs of their team members, ultimately fostering a balanced and efficient work environment.

When identifying an application as containing privacy a distinction has been made between products that provide visual space division or demarcation but do not provide visual or auditory privacy. As a result, when an application is noted as having privacy it is from a product that provides visual or auditory privacy. This may come from categories such as screens, lockers, furniture, accessories, or seating.

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