Innovation is at the forefront of many industries, and it has become a way for them to differentiate themselves from their competition. As companies navigate hybrid and remote schedules, the question that has been posed is, do innovators value the office in the same way?

Innovators spend most of their time collaborating, brainstorming, and learning with their colleagues. By doing so, they can bounce ideas around and bring more value to their employers. However, while they do collaborate as a team, producing interesting new ideas does not always happen at a desk. For some, it may require a more diverse environment, so it is essential to have a variety of working spaces in the office.

Creating different working zones like quiet spaces, rest and restore areas, and even social environments allows employees to choose the best background for them. This comes from the idea that not one size fits all. Employees have diverse needs that can vary throughout the day, and creating spaces that help foster that is important when it comes to innovation.

Innovators prefer to be in the office and spend over half their time there. By doing so, they can maximize their collaboration time with their employers and develop new ideas. A great workplace design is the key to continuing the office work trend amongst innovators.