Art may be a low priority when it comes to updating your workplace, but it’s an element that should be seriously considered. There are some added benefits when choosing the right art pieces for the office, like mood, performance, or positive well-being. While the office can mostly be comprised of desks and chairs, artwork can be used to navigate through the office.

Art can also be a way to showcase brand messaging nonverbally. Displaying non-traditional art could show that your brand is conducting business non-traditionally, while a more traditional approach could mean the opposite. Artwork is a way for companies to express their beliefs, company culture, and even diversity.

Finding the correct type of art for your company is valuable. If your business is built on supporting local businesses, it may be a good option to pick art from a local artist. If diversity is important to your company, finding artwork that shows a diverse group of people would be beneficial. Figuring out what elements are the most important for the company’s overall beliefs and values can guide the type of artwork that you should choose.

Art of any kind can trigger emotion and even productivity. Choosing art pieces with elements of nature can help improve or boost moods, decrease feelings of anxiety and stress, and even help with diabetes. When thinking about updating your office space, artwork should be top of mind regarding design elements.