Live sports have significantly changed over the last few years and post-pandemic. Coupled with the change in technology and ability to live stream, sports organizations are looking to make changes to keep their in-person audiences engaged and attending events. More so, sports venues are becoming multi-faceted, creating more than just a place to watch sports but also holding concerts and other more noteworthy events.

Chicago’s Wrigley Stadium is an excellent example of utilizing the stadium for more than just baseball. The stadium was enhanced both inside and outside to create more of an experience. The recent updates have completed “Wrigleyville,” which has restaurants and bars for people to go to during baseball’s on and off seasons. Wrigleyville has become more of an attraction regardless of the time of year, bringing the area more revenue.

While some venues are incorporating more bars and restaurants, others are focusing their updates on spaces for farmers markets, art festivals, and even residential areas. So, what does this mean in the long run? Hopefully, these updates will create sustainable developments and make sports events more appealing for everyone.