Gone are the days of the traditional work environment as hybrid and remote work continue, but it is starting to pose some questions for higher-ups. While the flexibility of hybrid work has been a benefit for some employees, companies are starting to wonder if their teams are missing leadership interaction.

As companies work to figure out a better balance in the office, they are also trying to figure out a design method that will bring more employees back in. Creating different working environments allows staff to feel comfortable but also gives them a space they feel the most productive. It is no longer about a desk and a computer and more about how a space feels sounds, and even the type of technology available.

By providing employees with a variety of space, they can solve some of the reasons people may prefer to work from home. It is not only about the office space itself but also about the community the office is located in. The accessibility to coffee shops, retail, and even nail salons is a benefit.

Biophilic designs are becoming more of a priority for companies as they try and create spaces to incorporate the outdoors. This new trend is not only a more sustainable approach, but it also creates an entirely new environment for employees to be productive in. As we continue to see the workplace evolve, it is not necessarily heading towards a remote model. Instead, we can anticipate that corporations will work harder to accommodate their employees in the office.