Some might think productivity is the biggest goal for organizations regarding their employees, but a trend for unproductivity has recently popped up. During these “unproductive” times, people seek more time with their mentors or seek feedback to enhance their professional growth. The goal is to be more intentional about their time in the workplace.

Organizations are questioning whether productivity has always been directly related to work. Instead, companies are taking a closer look at what other things could identify with productivity, like collaboration within the workplace by building relationships. While one company may view talking as a disruptor, another company may see that as a way to build relationships and create a safe space to ask questions or provide input, creating a more collaborative environment.

With unproductivity comes the need to redesign the workplace to fit the new landscape. Environments like creative writing rooms, lounges, and seating nooks are environments that companies are looking to implement as they rethink workplace design. These spaces allow for “unproductive” moments that can help build a more positive company culture and allow for connection.

Belonging, innovation, well-being, and growth are the four factors to consider when redesigning the workplace. These components are essential for employees to feel comfortable when embracing their “unproductive” moments and can ultimately lead to a long-term positive working environment.