People are working from home more now than ever before, and with that, light has been shed on the importance of a workstation for personal and professional use within the home. During the pandemic, most individuals had to devise a quick solution for working from home, resulting in purchasing furniture that was only convenient and uncomfortable. Now, as those people continue to work at home, they focus on updating their office furniture to something more realistic for the long term.

To figure out the best solution for your in-home office design, there are some things to consider, like what area provides the most productivity for you and less distraction. Choosing a space with elements of nature, whether with natural light or plants, could help your overall mental well-being.

Another element of choosing the right design is figuring out the best chair, desk, and tools for your workstation. When purchasing a desk and chair, there should be consideration for what is comfortable and what sizes are best suited for the space. You do not want to have a desk that takes up too much space or is too small and leaves a lot of space, and tools like laptop stands and screens add another necessary element to the office design.

While working from home was an abrupt shift from the in-office work environment, we realized that working from home is not going anywhere. With that, there needs to be more consideration in the types of furnishing and design elements that should be added to these spaces. Thinking more in the long-term instead of a quick solution will aid in creating a positive working.