Generation Z, born between 1997 – 2012, are starting to enter the workforce, and with that, there are some things this generation is looking to have in their office setting. With technology being the focus for their age, they are well acquainted with the ever-changing landscape of it, and since most of the generation spent a large portion of their college years in the pandemic, they are well versed in virtual work. Surprisingly, Gen Z is more interested in working in an office than remotely.

Since Gen Z is still new to the work scene, they have a drive for collaboration and mentorship, which was not commonly offered amongst other generations. Providing spaces that offer a more collaborative environment could be a perk for this newer working generation.

To cater to the newer generation of employees, activity zones are a good option. These spaces allow employees to pick up and move depending on what work style they are looking to have, like collaboration or individual working time. Wellness spaces are another critical area Gen Z is looking to have. These allow people to work in more calming environments and help reset energy. These can often be biophilic areas that incorporate plants and nature.

Thinking about what employees need to be productive is the first step, and as Gen Z continues to move into the workplace, it’s essential to rethink the office design. These changes could attract and retain top talent and lead to a happier work culture.