The biggest driver for wanting to work in the office is to collaborate with the team and connect. However, one thing that is lacking is privacy within the office. It’s also necessary to have time for individual work so that there can continue to be productivity. With hybrid being an option for many companies, there is a desire to have employees working in the office. Still, without individual spaces for working, many opt for working at home instead.

A large portion of the day is spent working on individual tasks, so there should be a focus on creating spaces that allow for it. There are many ways companies can incorporate personal working spaces that aren’t just a desk and chairs, for example, working tents, pods, or booths. These spaces allow for little interruption and for the individual to complete their assignments, making room for collaboration as needed.

In general, providing a variety of spaces is beneficial, as people have different needs that help them be more productive. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another, and companies can cater to that. Offering things like desks or chairs that can accommodate different heights or even just offering other seating areas can diversify an office space.

All in all, while it is essential for collaboration in organizations, providing privacy for employers to have individual work is equally important. Many options can balance the two, and companies should look inward at how they can improve and implement them.