Working from home has become a comfort for many people in the workforce. Being able to work wherever you want whether that be from your couch, your patio, or your bed, has been a luxury for many. However, companies are making their way back into the office and they are rethinking the office design. One question that keeps arising is: How do we provide the comfort of home but in the office space?

Businesses are redesigning their office spaces to give their employees more options for them to work in. By doing so, they are able to create an almost home-like environment. Areas like a pantry, or kitchen, or cafe-style room provides an array of work environments to meet the needs of an employee.

Health and wellness is another aspect that has evolved within the workplace. Instead of forcing employees to engage in small talk, they’ve designed these areas with collaboration in mind and offer a more natural way to bring people together. With the recent uptick of focusing on health and wellness, there has been an increase in biophilic work environments. This approach has been linked to improved productivity and also aids in an overall positive wellbeing.

Companies are working hard to redesign these “drab” office settings and really focus on creating environments that can improve company culture. Even though a lot of companies are still hybrid, the goal is to make an impact on those days the employee chooses to work in the office. It’s important that their time is productive but also that they are getting what they need for a positive work environment.