The chatter around “hybrid” Workplace

While the theory of hybrid work environments has been around for years, the term certainly has moved up in popularity this year. So, let’s try to summarize the discussion for you as you continue to move forward in your return-to-work planning as LOTH continues to meet you where you are in your journey.

“A hybrid workplace, or hybrid office, is a flexible workplace model that is designed to support a distributed workforce of both in-office and remote workers.”

When the pandemic hit last spring companies sent people home faster than the speed donuts used to disappear in workplace cafes. Things changed, and they aren’t going back to “normal”. They are however, returning to “better”. Thousands of leaders for the first time are now questioning if their workplace fits the needs of their teams. Most prior to the pandemic, assumed that workstations worked, cafeterias were places to eat, and conference rooms just needed a large table with some chairs. We have evolved! Finally something good to come out of this mess we all lived through.

Steelcase continues to lead in the discussion bringing experts into the decision-making to aide clients through the process. Most recently they shared empathy in the recent “Hybrid Collaboration Is Hard” article digging into the complexity of executing a hybrid environment. Steelcase Design Manager, Jessie Storey, shares “It’s not enough to just bring remote people into the space, we need to give those in the office a better virtual presence.” With hybrid comes technology, no way around it. (Did you know LOTH has a technology division? Learn more about Newt) But, the article dives deeper into three key concepts for better hybrid collaboration that are worth the read.

If you are one of the 68 percent of organizations planning to experiment with hybrid, consider theseĀ “Six Tips for Etiquette + Protocols in the Hybrid Workplace.” These tips will guide you and your teams as you set up your hybrid environment for success. A key summary statement shared in the article to keep top of mind is to remember to stay agile and revisit things often as no one has all of the answers.

LOTH Creative Lead, Kyla Burns added a piece of advice for businesses in a recent Business Journals article on the topic of office hoteling. She noted, “offices that thrive in a hybrid or hoteling world are those that view the office as another tool for their business.” Adding “I see reimagining the real estate you already have becoming extremely important.” Other experts continued to share their thoughts in “Office Hoteling Concepts Gain Steam”.

For all of those who were overwhelmed by webinars this year, you’re in luck! Steelcase has created a hub for their webinar recordings so that you can gain insights around your own schedule. Check it out!

Lastly, if you’re looking for real answers to real questions about hybrid work, look no further than hearing from experts like Rich Benoit, Steve Miller, and Gale Moutrey. Harvard Business Review also released valuable insights into “How to Do Hybrid Right” and “Designing the Hybrid Office”.

The hybrid discussion is far from over, stay with us as we help guide you with resources to help us all evolve in our new world.