Human connection is an integral part of life, so there should be an emphasis on creating spaces that foster connection within the workplace. With hybrid work on the rise, there is a need to keep employees and their colleagues connected and collaborating. Keeping the connection alive allows people to feel comfortable asking their colleagues for help or helping another colleague out.

It may be hard to know where to start when considering the overall design of a space used to build a connection. Some things to consider are whether the space is inviting, whether it allows for conversation, and whether the furniture is comfortable? Thinking about these things paves the way for implementing the design. If it is inviting, people may want to avoid sitting in that space, let alone holding a conversation in it. Having comfortable furniture or furniture that is easily moveable to include more people is a great way to build connections.

Designing something new can be intimidating, so pilot spaces are a great way to test the success. One way to do this is to redesign a space that is less popular among employees. Updating the furniture to be more inviting and create conversation is a good start. Once it has been determined whether the space works or not, then it can be implemented throughout.