generation z at work

It is Now Or Never: The Key to Retaining Gen Z in the Office

Now more than ever, Generation Z (Gen Z), born between 1997 to 2012, is challenging the standards of the workforce. As a generation of hyperconnected individuals, teeming with thought-provoking ideas and career-driven digital awareness, Generation Z is pushing workplaces to evolve. Throughout the course of the pandemic, one thing that has remained consistent is Gen…

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New Creative Collaboration: Steelcase + Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Drawing on a connection that began over 80 years ago, the two organizations will look to the past to inspire furniture collections for a new generation Steelcase announced earlier this month a new relationship with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, through which they will revisit, reinterpret and reintroduce Wright’s designs, as well as co-create novel…

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hybrid workplace

The Hybrid Discussion In a Nutshell

The chatter around “hybrid” Workplace While the theory of hybrid work environments has been around for years, the term certainly has moved up in popularity this year. So, let’s try to summarize the discussion for you as you continue to move forward in your return-to-work planning as LOTH continues to meet you where you are…

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Weekend Workplace Tips

Weekend Workplace Tips with John Van Cleave

Weekend Workplace Tips with John Van Cleave There is no doubt that the current landscape has impacted the way we work. Things are no longer the same as they were a few months ago, and likely will not be the same in the coming months or potentially ever again. We have made a shift. Regardless,…

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