It’s been nearly three and half years since COVID started, and for many businesses, that meant they were to conduct business virtually by working from home. Now, we are seeing a trend of companies cutting back on their work-from-home options, and moving towards a hybrid approach. With these major changes, companies are rethinking the office design and trying to figure out a solution that helps their employees transition back into the office.

The goal for many companies has now been to create a working environment that is comfortable and collaborative but also creates productivity. Without the daily interactions from coworkers, employees have become a little more introverted and corporations are working on design ideas that help nourish that. The once-desired open-concept idea has now morphed into a more individualized working environment with the option for collaboration areas. Some businesses have even included cafes in their building designs.

In an effort to keep socialization and collaboration present, companies are also creating hospitality environments. Having both collaboration and focus areas allows businesses to cater to all types of working styles. As companies look towards the future, new design concepts are changing the office setting drastically. A desk and office chair is no longer considered a good office environment that harvests productivity. More changes like these can be expected and with that, hopefully, a more positive company culture.