Workplace Design Services

The LOTH design team supports clients from ideation to execution and beyond to ensure satisfaction throughout the project. Custom planning services offer clients the chance to begin concept development with a comprehensive design assessment, as well as work collaboratively with A&D partners to meet you where you are in the project. Each stage of the process delivers a proven cycle of listening, creating, and communicating to educate clients through design thinking – helping you visualize your space before implementation.



“LOTH is great to work with. We worked on our latest project through the pandemic, but with virtual meetings and frequent project updates from the LOTH team, they never skipped a beat. They have a wide array of knowledge about office furniture and design, and how it plays a significant role with collaboration and productivity in the workplace. We value our relationship with LOTH and our new space looks amazing!”

Teresa Mize, Henny Penny

design principles, work modes + visualization

4 design principles
work modes
Custom Visualization

4 design principles

me + we

  • equally support team and individual work
  • allow for quick shifts between working alone and together
  • balance 4 key space types: personal, collaboration, learning and social

fixed to fluid

  • multi-modal spaces support multiple purposes and modes of work
  • adaptable spaces: highly mobile furniture, power, technology and space division
  • flexible architecture elements allow for multiple ways to reorganize space

open + enclosed

  • more enclosed “me” and more open “we” spaces
  • more options for individual spaces with a range of privacy and control
  • more open team spaces with flexible boundaries

braiding digital + physical

  • increased video use in “me” and “we” spaces
  • create inclusive experiences for those remote and physically present
  • embed smart, sensing technologies for seamless data-driven and AI-driven experiences